Restricting Where Common Area Phones Can Call Internally

Restricting where a user can call internal to your organization is complex. If you must do this for compliance reasons, you need to take a look at Information Barriers.

One of the complexities is that in a Teams client the user can find another user by name and click to call them. They can do this same type of lookup on phones too.

Common Area Phones are more restricted than users, and it’s a simple policy change to allow or prohibit the lookup of users on a phone. We’ll typically see this restriction in place on phones in public areas, like a lobby courtesy phone. If you want to further restrict that public area phone can call by dialing numbers, you have just one option.

In a previous post, we talked about a Dial Plan normalization rule that would translate one phone number into a different, invalid phone number to prevent the original number from being called. If you want to restrict a CAP from calling anything other than one internal number, you can use the same procedure, but instead of the invalid number, translate all numbers to the number you want the phone to be able to call.

This sample rule allows the CAP to only call +14255551212, the security desk in my example:

And if I want the CAP to be able to call HR at 6789 and then have all other calls go to security, I could do something like this with two rules, since they’re processing in top-down sequence:

And you could add as many rules as you wanted, just make sure they’re above the ^(.*)$, which is the catch-all that should be at the bottom of the list.