Self-help diagnostics in Teams Admin Center

Microsoft has quietly released what I think is one of the most amazing features to ever hit Teams.

Head to and you’ll see a widget that looks like this:

Click on one of the 5 topic areas on the left. Let’s stick with voice. On the right, you see a list of common issues. “Dial pad is missing” comes up All. The. Time. So, click on it.

You’ll see a nice long sidebar menu:

And how awesome is this? There are “Insights”, letting you know what’s required for the dialpad to be visible. There’s also recommended articles for deeper learning. And finally, right up top is a lovely area where you can enter the username or email address for your problem user and Teams will diagnose it for you, letting you know if it’s found something that’s wrong.

Now, this isn’t perfect. For example, the insights list “make sure the user has a calling plan assigned”, and that would only be true for Calling Plan users, and not Direct Routing or Operator Connect users. If you’re not a Calling Plan user, you reaaaaly don’t want a calling plan license assigned. And if you’re a Direct Routing user, you need to make sure you have a Voice Routing Policy assigned, and that needs to be a valid Voice Routing Policy, and not just some random placeholder you’ve created.

However, I still feel that this is an absolute goldmine for organizations and admins new to Teams, and also grizzled veterans like myself. I will absolutely head here first if I have a user with no dialpad, rather than splunk around inside Teams looking to solve the problem on my own – I’m not lazy, I’m efficient!

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