Office 365 is now Microsoft 365 – Business Voice Changes

It looks like it’s time to rename something at Microsoft again. Today’s change is Office 365 becoming Microsoft 365, especially around the Business plans that Business Voice packages work with, the first three on the list:


Despite some possibility for confusion with the “Premium” moniker shifting spots, I’m please to see “Basic, Standard, Premium”, which makes far more sense than “Essentials, Premium, Business”.

Remember that you can add Microsoft 365 Business Voice calling plans to any plan that has Teams, with the exception of the F series of licenses for Frontline workers. You can add up to 300 to any organization, then you need to step any additional users up to the fully Cloud PBX and Calling Plans(or Direct Routing)

And finally, Business Voice is coming to the US market as of April 1, 2020.



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