Easy Deployment of the Teams Client

If your organization is running Skype for Business and you’re trying to establish the easiest method to install Teams for your users, there’s a super easy one.

Head to the Teams Admin Center, Org Wide Settings, and Teams Upgrade. Under App preferences, you’ll see an option to have the Teams app download in the background for SfB users:


Turning this “on” will cause the Teams client to be downloaded to the PCs. This only happens, however, if the Coexistence mode for the user is Teams Only, or since maybe that’s too late, if you’ve enabled “pending upgrade” notifications in the coexistence mode settings:


setting this to “on” places a yellow banner at the top of the Skype for Business client to notify the user that they will be upgraded to Teams soon. (Note that this option isn’t available in my screenshot since my Tenant is already in Teams Only)

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